About the Shop

The Kingfisher isn't just another fly-fishing shop; it's the culmination of a lifelong passion started by two avid fishing enthusiasts, now diligently overseen by one. Refusing to let the economic pressures of adulthood drown out our love for the sport, The Kingfisher stands as a testament to our commitment.

For us, fly fishing has been a lifelong pursuit, from the remote fishing camps of the Soviet far east and Alaska to chasing browns in New Zealand and bonefish in the Bahamas. Our extensive fishing experiences are just a glimpse into what The Kingfisher offers. Specializing in the finest trout rivers of the lower 48, we bring a unique blend of local history, expert knowledge, and top-tier equipment found nowhere else in Western Montana.

Despite the recent surge in fly fishing's popularity and commercialization, The Kingfisher remains steadfast in our dedication to the sport's core: catching fish, not following fashion trends. Unlike many "fly shops" that stock novelty items like fish-patterned, left-handed, crocheted accessories in trendy hues, we prioritize functionality over fashion. If it doesn't improve your chances of catching fish, you won't find it on our shelves. Expect practical colors like "mud" and "stone" that align with the serious angler's pursuits.

Above all, our mission is centered on enhancing your experience on the river. Whether you visit us for gear or simply to share in our passion, you'll engage with fellow enthusiasts who share a lifelong dedication to the pursuit of great fishing days.