What To Bring

Montana has schizophrenic weather that swings wildly between extremes with little or no warning. Because of this, it's advisable to always be prepared for anything. Spring, Fall and even Summer snow squalls are not that uncommon. Conversely, we spent one December staining the cedar exterior of the shop in t-shirt weather. You just never know! Another prime example of this is the February of '91 when the temperature in Missoula plummeted in the neighborhood of 100 degrees in 1 hour and came to rest at the balmy comfort level of 52 degrees below! You're WAY better off having stuff you end up not needing than not having stuff you end up needing.

From a fishing perspective, breathable waders are always a good idea, even if you just carry them along, year round, in case the rains set in. You should also bring layers of clothes such as under wader gear fleece or windstopper fleece and a good rain jacket. Items of this type will be necessary during the early and late seasons particularly.

Mid summer, you can usually get by wading wet in a good pair of wading boots and some light, quick dry shorts or pants. Once again, however, it's always good to carry along warmer clothes just in case. As experienced guides, we all carry extra fleece, gloves, hats and matches all year long in the boats. Another thing that's an absolute necessity is a decent pair of POLARIZED sunglasses. These will not only help you to see things more clearly, they are great protection from errant flies zipping past your head.

The most common weight rods used on the area rivers are 4's, 5's and 6's in a 9' length. We also suggest a decent quality, machined, disc drag reel with a weight forward or double taper line.

Especially for the spring and fall fishing, or any outdoor activity that time of year, we suggest bringing some type of fleece or neoprene gloves. They can literally make or break the day. In addition to general fishing gear, you should bring some type of compact binocular for wildlife viewing as well as your favorite camera and sunscreen. In August especially, the sun can be brutal!

To get a fishing license in Montana you'll need to enter some basic info including your address and phone number. It's typically quick and painless however one thing a lot of people don't know is that you need to enter the last four digits of your social security number. Parents, this means if your kids are getting licenses you'll want to have their numbers ready.

If you have questions or other specific concerns, just drop us an e-mail!