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Kingfisher Gift Card
Gift cards can be used through our website or in the shop. When bought online you will receive an email with a scannable code, can also be saved to your phone's digital wallet.
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Anglers can be particular, give them the gift of exactly what they want.

Gift cards can indeed be an excellent choice for anglers, especially those who are particular about their gear. Here’s why:

  1. Choice: Anglers often have specific preferences when it comes to their fishing gear, whether it's rods, reels, lines, flies, or accessories. A gift card allows them to get exactly what they need or want.

  2. Quality and Fit: Fishing gear can be quite personalized based on the type of fishing (freshwater, saltwater, euro-nymphing, dryfly purists, streamer junkies), and personal style. A gift card ensures they can select items that fit their specific requirements.

  3. Updates and Replacements: Anglers may need to replace worn-out gear or upgrade to newer models. A gift card gives them the flexibility to get the latest equipment or replace items that have served them well.

  4. Accessories and Extras: Beyond the essentials, anglers often appreciate specialized tools, clothing, or gadgets that help them solve the puzzle of the day. A gift card lets them explore these options.

  5. Respect for Preferences: We are always happy to help our customers find the gear they are looking for, it's what we do! At a certain point though choosing fishing gear boils down to personal prefferance. Is your angler a euro-nympher, a dry fly purist, maybe they're a streamer junkie? Will their fly boxes fit in that vest? A gift card shows consideration for their preferences and avoids the risk of giving something they might not use or need.

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